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[Monday November 20, 2000]

B-Side is back!!! Yes yes y'all.... Warmth will be our first event of the Fall/Winter season.
Limited space, unlimited vibe!

[Monday June 5, 2000]

B-Side will be participating at the Phoenix Festival located in southern Washington State. We will be taking over the main sound system on Sunday, July 2nd from noon to 8:08pm.

noon-1:20 - tobias [B-Side/ShrumTribe] - dubby minimalizzm
1:20-2:40 - menu [B-Side/TeamLounge] - basal beat (??hehe)
2:40-4:00 - john lemma [B-Side/Quality] - dub/techhaus
4:00-5:20 - merlin [B-Side/FFWD] - 2step garage
5:20-6:40 - robby "luvdub" wedesh [DNA-Shift/B-Side/TechnoWest] - house
6:40-8:00 - jereme oliver [B-Side/DNA-Shift] - deep stylez

[Wednesday June 30, 1999]

Hey Canadians... Emoc etarbelec!

July 1st is Canada Day...a day off for most of us! If you're looking for somethin' to do, the B-Side folks and friends are throwing together a daytime outdoor event, "Yad Adanac" in Vancouver...semi-weather permitting. Possible backup in case of rain...no firm plan about that yet.

Projected lineup as follows:
(subject to change)

11-12 Skinluna - dub
12-1 Robby Luv Dub- deep house
1-2 Jereme Oliver - deep house
2-3 Scantily Clad - house
3-4 tobias - dub tech
4-5 skye - jungle
5-6 baven - jungle
6-7 john lemma - house
7-8 Rocketgirl - house
8-9 hadwin- house

Call 444-8024 on July 1st for details.

[Monday Mar 22, 1999]

B-Side and Cloudfactory would like to thank everyone that participated in the Wanderin' event this weekend in Nelson. Look for a full report coming soon.

[Thursday Nov 5, 1998]

We're back! Big changes coming soon to a website near you.

[Monday Aug 10, 1998]

Our next party will be B4 August 22, by donation (as usual), free water (as usual) and in a kick butt outdoor location (as usual) about 1 hour from Vancouver. Check the events section for more information. A nice review of Azimuth can be found here.

[Sunday July 12, 1998]

Azimuth was the bomb!!! B-Side will not be a part of the Apex Project as previously reported, but here's wishing them the best in their endevours. Our next party will probably be in late August so get yourself on the info list (below) and hang tight.

[Wednesday June 10, 1998]

Visit the Events section for info on our next party Azimuth (Saturday, June 20th) in the glorious outdoors. As always, fruit and water will be free!

Also, B-Side will be contributing to the large free outdoor party IndepenDANCE (Saturday, July 4th) stay tuned.

Blossom was a huge success, many thanks to all the people that contributed their time and their energy to make it a wonderful, positive, vibe-filled event.

[Monday March 30, 1998]

Blossom (Saturday, April 11th) is a go!!! Check out the Events section for the 411.
Hope you come to the Make Friends Not War afterparty!

[Thursday March 19, 1998]

The B-Side Sound System is coming together!
This is what we're getting.. cool huh?

1 DBX 166-A compressor limiter (www.dbxpro.com)
1 Rane MQ-302 stereo 31-band graphic equalizer (www.rane.com)
1 Rane AC-23B 3-way stereo tunable crossover
1 Crown K1 amplifier (www. crownintl.com)
3 Crown K2 amplifier
2 Anvil racks (www.anvilcase.com)
4 McCauley 850 sub-bass speakers (fitted with 6174 driver) (www.mccauley.com)
2 McCauley 814-2 high-mid (dual 12" 6338 carbon fiber midrange, 9620 2"compression driver)
Horizon cable with XLR and Nuetrik Speakon connectors (www.neutrik.com)

[Sunday September 14, 1997]

Thanks to everyone who came out to One!

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